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Chandvi Shah has developed a therapy practice in London providing transpersonal transformational work. She is qualified as a Hypnotherapist, a Transpersonal Regression Therapist, and an Arts Therapy Counselor. Further to her general therapy work she undertakes training in various holistic modalities to continually improve her knowledge and experience.

The first session was a miracle in itself. Many things started to unfold and come to the surface. After that each session lead to layers and layers like an onion being peeled. I was able to make peace with unfinished words with my departed father. I was able to find the source of all my guilt. I was able to finally come to terms with a huge incident that I had gone through but completely blocked out. As the layers started to get unfolded, peeled and dealt with, I was and able to feel so much more joy, love and clarity. All in all, my experience of hypno with Chandvi has been incredible. She has been amazing and also made it so easy for me to be open to these experiences and made me feel comfortable.

SR- Therapist

I was a complete skeptic so she had her work cut out for her, but she made me feel completely as ease from the first session and that it was ok to be skeptical. Chandvi helped me to understand why I was reacting in adverse ways, identify triggers and give meanings to my emotions- I wasn’t just acting out. She has helped me with coping mechanisms and cutting cords, building my self-esteem and confidence with positive affirmations. I feel like I am becoming a stronger, healthier and more ‘in control’ individual. She has been such a kind hearted, non-judgmental, patient and a supportive therapist. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for making me feel more like me!

V- Consultant

Having never really believed in hypnotherapy I thought I would give it a try being an open minded individual. I was very much intrigued to experience it to understand better and find out if it works. It was a very interesting and enlightening experience, making me improve my self-awareness and connecting better with my inner soul. I have since been able to over come many of my disconnects which my emotional side and hypnotherapy has helped me with loneliness and commitment issues that I have faced in the past.

Pranay- Account Executive

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