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Metaphysical Anatomy is a trauma release personal development process. I believe that trauma (physical, emotional or environmental) is the ultimate cause of most human problems. What makes Metaphysical Anatomy different than other trauma therapies is that 80% of the time we do not require the client to talk about or re-experience trauma in order to resolve it. In fact, a person can often resolve trauma easily through identifying its hidden benefit (known as secondary gain), without discussing the actual trauma.

It is important to understand the significance of trauma and why unresolved trauma is significant for a person’s wellbeing and emotional state.Trauma occurs when a person feels unsafe. The significance of trauma lies in the fact that it has such a powerful role in changing lives. For instance, childhood trauma can drastically change a person’s life, influencing every aspect of their health, relationships, education and career. The science of epigenetics demonstrates that trauma creates biological change, which can last for many generations.

The great thing about Metaphysical Anatomy is that in most cases, people do not always need to know what the origin of the trauma was. What makes Metaphysical Anatomy unique is that we can acknowledge and resolve the trauma without talking about it or even knowing what it is or was.



An MA consultation a gentle and effective process that resolves stagnant trauma and emotional blocks quickly and easily. Evette Rose, who launched this personal development therapy, realized that you can spare yourself many years of therapy and resolve most of your trauma by using a gentle process to trace the trauma to the original starting point or anchor, for that trauma. When you find that origin, the change can be instantaneous. Years and years of therapy can be achieved in a micro-second. If you’ve experienced the trauma of regression, changing negative beliefs, channeling energy or other slow (or painful) therapies, you will be amazed at just how fast and easy the MA consultation process is. Techniques that have influenced us and contributed in some way great or small to the development of MA include (a) Peter A. Levine, Ph.D; (b) Robert Scaer M.D.




During the session we enable the client to gently complete old and stagnant trauma cycles in a gentle and subtle way, so one doesn’t even realize that they are resolving deep old wounds from the past. It is possible to try heal trauma by working on beliefs and feelings and uncovering the abilities that you already had within you to overcome the actual trauma. The exciting part is that these healing are so advanced that it resolves trauma from womb stages, conception and ancestry.

In many modalities, the client is guided to relive the trauma. Metaphysical Anatomy allows a person to not only complete trauma but to resolve specific traumas without talking about it or reliving it in any way.

The client will be guided through a gentle meditation that allows them to organically and spontaneously completing old trauma cycles, which allows their natural positive emotional states to surface again…. it really is that simple!



When working on resolving our past trauma we focus on the actual origin of the trauma, we resolve it and it clears and sometimes it comes back. Most modalities tend not to work or they only work temporarily because the trauma or unwanted feelings and emotions may come back. The reason why the trauma may return is due to the fact the there has been no resolution on the clients self sabotage and secondary gain blocks. When certain emotions serve us (this tends to be unconsciously) then we tend to try and hold onto to it as it is a familiar feeling and familiar feelings make us feel safe. When we let go of a trauma or an emotion we feel familiar with, we may feel unsafe, unbalanced or even distressed without it, because in one way or another that trauma or emotion has become a part of our identity and way of life. We make it a priority to resolve any unconscious unhealthy attachments that you may have with past trauma, person or emotions that are addressed during the session. During the session we will identify key issues that are related to your condition or block, you then feel into the trauma (without reliving it) and emotion that you would like to resolve and I do the rest of the work. It’s an effortless yet very deep process for you as the client. During the session I will focus on your adult / childhood / womb / conception and ancestral traumas.

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