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I was exposed to crystals at a young age. My mum was healer so I was always up for being ‘tested’ on. It was magical. She would surround me with clear quartz wands and light candles, as she went into a meditative state. I would have a peaceful sleep as I felt tingling through my body. I would open my eyes after the healing I would catch the glimmer and sparkle of the crystals, I was instantly captivated.

The first time I bought my own crystals was in South Africa. We went to a beautiful crystal shop and I filled my basket so all you could see inside was a myriad of colours. They were wondrous beauties, and I let my imagination run away with me. I spoke to them, held them in my pocket, I imagined them speak back to me, I slept with them under my pillow and carried them in my bag everywhere I went.

The older I got I soon came to realise that these gorgeous rocks packed a lot of power within me. This ignited my curiosity. I wondered how a rock could emit energy and be powerful. I found websites and blog posts, I watched videos and spoke to many people and I realised that all I needed to do was trust. I had to trust and allow whatever energy there was to gently flow through me. It was important for me to follow my heart and really connect to my intuition. This is when my crystal journey really started.


What are crystals and how are they formed?

Everything is made up of energy. Starting from our thoughts and emotions (emotions are ‘energy in motion’) to the atoms and molecules in our physical bodies. All of these vibrate at different frequencies. When we are healthy and balanced everything is vibrating at the rate that is perfect for our bodies. Occasionally we have disruptions in our energies causing illness, instability which changes the frequency of our bodies vibrations.

Crystals are stable matter. They make up a large % of the earth’s crust and are beautiful rock formations that have been around for millions of years. Crystals form by a process called crystallization. There is a transition here from chaos to perfection. The crystals form in nature when liquids cool or harden, and the molecules or atoms come together to be more stable in this process. They do this in a repeating pattern creating an orderly structure called a crystal lattice. Because crystals are formed in this orderly structure they emit a constant frequency. This is why they are great for healing and balancing our physical bodies because they help our bodies return to their natural rhythms, hence bringing them back to the natural balance.


  • Crystals– are minerals with a visible crystalline structure. They are geometric, symmetrical or asymmetrical e.g. quartz and fluorite,
  • Mineralsare formed from one chemical composition and are naturally occurring, inorganic, solid and they have an internalized crystalline structure e.g. malachite and carnelian.
  • Rocks-are formed when multiple minerals are fused together into a solid mass e.g. obsidian and lapis lazuli.
  • Gems– are minerals or rocks strong enough to be cut and polished e.g. turquoise and moonstone.


Crystal Shapes

Each person is attracted to a different shape, and to figure out which shape works for you best can help your experience be better and amplify your intentions. This can also help determine what shape you could use if you have specific intentions.


  • Clusters-this is when several point grow in a cluster together. Because there are many crystal points together, it vibrates at a much higher frequency and directs the energy in all directions. Great to have these in all spaces.
  • Tumbled Stones-these are great to start with. You can program them and change the stone you connect with more frequently. These are also great to travel with, have under your pillow, place them in your pockets or bra.
  • Pyramids-they are incredibly powerful for manifesting and amplifying energy. They also store and charge energy and they retain this charge for several days. They protect internal space.
  • Spheres-they allow energy to emit to all directions. It brings balance, peace and tranquility in the environment. If you meditate with a sphere it brings a sense of wholeness and they bring connection within you and your surroundings.
  • Points-they are also great for manifestation because they direct your intention right into the universe. They are much more focused if you want to manifest and amplify the energy quickly.
  • Cubes– meditating or having a cube with you help you feel more grounded and connects you to your root chakra.
  • Double Terminated-both ends emit energy and they help break old patterns and move energy in both directions.
  • Generators-they have many points radiating in all directions. Focuses healing energy or intention and draws people together.
  • Phantomgreat for breaking old patterns and raising vibrations.
  • Geode-hollow cave that amplifies and slowly releases energy in stagnant places or places that need constant and steady revitalization.
  • Wand-they focus, draw and bring energy from one point to another. Useful for joining crystals in a grid and activating them.


Choosing your Crystal

There are so many different types of crystals and each hold a different quality. Before I step in I ask the Universe ‘please guide me to exactly what I need in my life right now.’

Trust your body and intuition to guide you. If something catches your eye, hold it in your hand or to your heart and breath with it. Notice any physical sensations you may have. Do you feel a change in temperature, do you feel vibrations or pulsating in your body, how does you body feel? Calm, anxious, tranquil, still, chaotic etc.

If you are seeking for something specific do a little research beforehand, and you will know if you connect with it as soon as you make contact with it 🙂


How to Cleanse your Crystals 

As soon as you purchase your crystal you must cleanse and clear anything from it. There are different ways to cleanse and clear you crystal before you use them. As you use any of the following clearing methods always have the intention ‘you are clearing anything that the crystal holds and you would like to purify it.’

  • Water-Rinse your crystal under running water. Alternatively you can place the crystal in a bowl of water for a short while. Please do be careful as something crystals dissolve once they hit the water.
  • Sunlight/ Moonlight-I lay my crystals in a place where they will get the power of the sun and the power of the full moon, and leave them there for at least 4 hours- 24 hours. Please be careful with sunlight as some crystals fade.
  • Smoke-using Palo Santo, sage or frankincense is great as it purifies crystals. Burn your sage, and using your hand you can direct the smoke to the crystal or hold the crystal above the smoke and let it bathe in it.
  • Sound-using a drum, bells, Tibetan singing bowls or even chanting. The vibration music brings really connects to the crystals and clears anything our crystals hold.
  • Salt-Himalayan salt is incredible for purifying, either by adding some salt to a bath or burying your crystals in salt purifies them instantly. If you lay your crystals on top of the salt for an hour whilst working it can reignite their energy. Soaking your crystals can sometimes damage them so please be careful.

Cleanse your crystals every month or every time you want to set a new intention for it.


How to Program your Crystal

After cleansing your crystal you must get to know it. You must invest some time in connecting with it. Hold it, touch it, and really observe the crystal from every angle. What’s the texture like? How does it make you feel when you hold it? Are you aware of any thoughts or emotions that arise? Do you have any physical sensations or changes in temperature when you hold it? Is there a change in feeling?

Also if you don’t feel anything that’s fine. With anything you must practice everyday to get results. Take a few moments of your day and sit there with your crystal, breathe with it and connect with it.

Once you’ve established a relationship, give your crystal a purpose. Program your crystal. They all have different meaning and properties, so they can all do different things for you. Sometimes you don’t have to program them if you feel like it isn’t necessary, but for most of mine I do. Programming can help you connect to your crystal even more as well as help your intentions to manifest quicker.

  • Sit somewhere comfortable.
  • Hold your crystal in your hands and breathe in a few times. Every breath you take allows your mind to become clear and calm. With every breath you take let yourself be absorbed into your body.
  • While focusing on your crystal, let your intention be clear. Think of your intention before you start this process and if it helps write it down. What I do is… I began to imagine my body being surrounded by light. This light cleanses and heals everything around and in me… I say ‘Let the love and light flow through me, connecting me to my higher self. I dedicate this crystal to hold and to work in harmony with the intention of… (say your intention here).’
  • Really feel the energy, or sensations in your body in connection to your crystal.
  • End my saying ‘Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.’


How to heal your body

Sleep-if you have sleep problems or nightmare or just struggle to sleep peacefully, place an amethyst or rose quartz under your pillow to help you. You can also place a black tourmaline or obsidian by your feet to drain any negativity from the day out of you. Smokey quartz is great if you suffer from nightmares.

Bathe-you can sit in a bath filled with crystals that will ensure your healing in the most relaxing way. Make sure you don’t put any crystals in there that will dissolve or rust. Clear quartz is great as it helps you relax, cleanses any energies, and helps quiet the mind. Clear your energy by laying in a bath of shungite and some lavender essential oils.

Elixirs-this is when you infuse your water with crystal energy. You can put some crystals in a jar overnight letting them charge your water. Rose quartz, amethyst and citrine are a great combination.

Meditate-there are many ways to meditate with crystals. Holding one in each hand and breathing with it, or try lying down and placing the crystals on parts of your body. Gently observe any shifts in sensations, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. It deepens your meditative practice; it reinforces your intentions, raises your consciousness and awareness and helps connect further to your intuition.

Wearing your crystals-some crystals really work when worn close to various parts of your body. Pick a crystal that means a lot to you, something that you can connect and feel everyday and see how it transforms your life.

For mental clarity-Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Fluorite, and Carnelian help amplify thoughts, make you feel motivated, balance both hemispheres in your brain and allow you to communicate with others in a way that both can understand you.

For Focus and Concentration-citrine on your solar plexus will give you the boost, bring you energy and help you concentrate.

For Anxiety– Rose Quartz helps bring harmony and tranquillity in your heart space. Place crystal on your heart and breath with it gently.

For Depression-crystals that promote joy, happiness and friendships and ones that have the power of the sun. Carnelian, Citrine and Orange Calcite boost your energy and strengthens your mind and heart.

Headaches and Migraines-placing an amethyst and clear quartz on head alleviates the pain. You can also try aquamarine and lapis lazuli as they have great healing and calming effects.

Mind healing-I love using blue lace agate. The tranquillity it brings, and the calmness it emits is powerful. Put this by your bedside when asleep to aid in peaceful night.


How to make crystal grids

  • Find a space for your crystal grid where it will remain untouched.
  • Cleanse the space as well as all the crystals you will be using.
  • If you feel like you need a guide, you can either print out a grid that suits you or just lay your grid out intuitively.
  • Hold all the crystals in your hand and set your intention. Be very specific and concise. If it helps write down exactly what your intention is so you can read it out. You can say ‘I dedicate this crystal to hold and to work in harmony with the intention…(say your intention).’
  • Place the keystone in the middle and you use a point or a sphere as they emit the energy to the universe and all directions for the manifestation.
  • Then begin to add the surrounding stones
  • Clear quartz points to be the outer layer to surround the grid is always an effective way to amplify the energy
  • Once the grid is created, activate the grid with a clear quartz point. It directs the energy and projects the intention in the grid
  • When dismantling the grid, hold your crystals in your hand and thank them for the work they did. Gratitude is important.

When you make your own grids, keep it super simple. These are example of shapes you can grid your crystals in and what effects they can have.

Lemniscate-grounding and unifying.

Triangle- protection and manifestation.

Pentagram (5 pointed star)-abundance and attraction.

Squarebalancing and solidifying. Great to balance geopathic stress in the house, and for creating a safe space.


All the information above are things that I do when using crystals, so feel free to change things up and make it your own. I spent a lot of time reading different books and going on different websites throughout the years and finally found these things that connect well with me.

The important thing when using crystals is that you have fun with them. There is no right or wrong way of using them. Really trust your intuition and heart. If you don’t feel anything, that’s ok. Keep practicing your meditation with them or have conversation with them to build a connection. And every little change or feeling counts.

Have fun with them and if you have any questions pop me a message 🙂  xx