About Us

Picture of Chandvi Shah infant of a flowery wall
“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being- Rumi”

Chandvi Shah has developed a therapy practice in London providing transpersonal transformational work. She is qualified as a Hypnotherapist, a Transpersonal Regression Therapist, and an Arts Therapy Counselor. Further to her general therapy work she undertakes training in various holistic modalities to continually improve her knowledge and experience.

Chandvi offers work that allows you to go to the root of the problem you may be experiencing. This covers a wide range of issues including: mental, physical and emotional concerns (somatic and psychosomatic), childhood traumas, anxiety and depression, irrational fears and phobias, stress and burnout, relationship issues and many more. You can expect a warm, inviting and comfortable atmosphere that allows you to explore using any therapeutic modality you desire.

Chandvi’s aim is to help people from all backgrounds to connect to their authentic selves, ultimately realizing their true potential. To blend all modalities together providing an effective and comfortable healing experience. The treatments offered help balance your mental, physical and emotional health in a very gentle and organic way. Chandvi’s ultimate goal is to empower clients by bringing their awareness back thus allowing them to moving forward freely and easily.

My Journey


My story begins in Kenya. Growing up surrounded by nature and a family who expressed their authentic selves whole-heartedly was an experience that began to unfold something within me. Very early in my life I discovered my passion and talent in the creative arts and this fuelled my desire to get involved in art, specifically painting. Delving deep into searching, exploring and curiously awakening dormant experiences through art was something that happened unconsciously, and this peaked my interest in the human mind.

I was always intrigued by the psychology of the mind and human behaviour. I constantly observed everything around me which in hand revealed more experiences of life that were seen and unseen. This was when I had the realization that working creatively with the mind was something I wanted to focus on.


For some years I travelled far and wide where I trained in various therapies and holistic modalities to help gain more knowledge of where my purpose lied and how to connect with the world. During this period of travel I experienced something called the dark night of the soul. I experienced anxiety and a feeling that I was drowning in depression. I felt a sense of emptiness, however, there was still something in me that was motivated to get myself out of this.


This is where I had my first experience of what it felt like to have clear intention and purpose in mind. Having a few weeks of contemplation and silence allowed me to regain balance. I journeyed through the Shamanic Realms in ceremonies and meditation. I soon began to restore parts of me that were hidden. I felt more awake.


I decided to train as an Integrated Hypnotherapist. The journey helped me discover the root to many questions and address my childhood traumas. I was peeling the layers of life, but it was an enlightening experience that brought some peace within. I understood that this was just the beginning.


Continuing my journey in regression therapy allowed me to gain more insights and unravel more layers to really bring clarity in mind, balance in my body and peace in my soul by healing the essence of myself. The integrated and transpersonal approach really brought more awareness to my body, mind and soul. I was given the space and time to express what laid deep within, with no judgment.


I had an experience of stillness through meditation. Connections in my life were made and I processed my story.  My biggest lesson was that I knew there was something beyond the pain and suffering. There is love, happiness, confidence, self worth, trust and much more.



To marry my passion for therapy and art I decided to bring my journey back to the UK. I joined a beautiful community of art therapy counselors in the heart of Sussex. It was important to make something creative from our inner existence. Art gave me an outlet to mirror and express my thoughts and embody the emotions. It offered me wisdom and guidance, diffusing the pain and discomfort that may have been there. It continues to rejuvenate and transform any traumas through a gentle and safe process.

Having gone through the experience of confronting my shadows, unraveling the layers, feeling a vulnerable and naked, I understand it can be difficult. All my experiences have shown me how to be offer a safe and comfortable space to express your vulnerability. Throughout my journey I was allowed to make my own choices and my mentors empowered me enough to stand by what I believe was best for me. This gave me the courage and motivation to break free. This is something I hope to offer to all who’s journey I can be witness off.